It all started in 1980 after college, on top of mom’s car on Route 28 in West Dennis. I purchased 300 misprint t-shirts for $1.00 and sold them for $2.00. The car would evolve to constructing our own building in 1984. The contractor promised completion by Memorial Day, but all I had was a foundation. With inventory already purchased for the selling season, I had no choice but to sell from the parking lot. These pictures are my memories of the experience, and what the building would eventually become. After 35 years we’ve gone through many changes, this website is, the latest evolution of the dream. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey, and I look forward to bringing you new changes yet to come.

Our Locations

West Dennis

723 Main Street

West Dennis, MA 02670



(permanently closed)

1238 Main Street

Chatham, MA 02669



(permanently closed)

16 South Orleans Road
Orleans, MA 02653


291 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA 02657